Thursday 16 September 2021

09:40 opening conference


Session 1: Revenge tragedy and gender (chair: Tom Laureys)

09:50-10:10 Karoline Baumann (University of Debrecen) – “I play the man I am”: Revenge and gender in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Coriolanus

10:10-10:30 Adam Hansen (Northumbria University) – Vision and Vengeance in The Changeling [ONLINE]

10:30-10:50 coffee break (20′)

10:50-11:10 Mohammadreza Hassanzadeh Javanian (Freie Universität Berlin) – Affective Dissonance and Lavinia’s Mutilation in Titus Andronicus

11:10-11:30 Merel Waeyaert (Ghent University) – Juliane as Lucretia and Medea in Geeraardt Brandt’s De veinzende Torquatus (1645)

11:30-12:00 discussion and question round (30′)


12:00-13:00 lunch


Session 2: Revenge tragedy and politics

13:00-13:20 Marco Prandoni (University of Bologna) – “Daer de Wraeck den drempel dicht bezet”. The ‘Floris V-plays’ (1613-1628) and Vondel’s Gysbreght van Aemstel (1637) as a revisitation of revenge tragedy

13:20-13:40 Isabel von Holt (Northwestern University) – When Revenge Speaks for/of Itself: Allegories of Revenge in the German Baroque Trauerspiel [ONLINE]

13:40-14:00 discussion and question round (20’)


14:00-14:10 coffee break (10′)


Session 3: Revenge tragedy and the passions (chair: Merel Waeyaert)

14:10-14:30 Vanessa Lim (University of Fribourg and the Institute of English Studies, London) – “The Play’ the Thing”: Deliberating Revenge in Hamlet

14:30-14:50 Nick Thompson (Queen’s University at Kingston) – Titus Andronicus and the Potential for Madness in Seneca’s De Ira

14:50-15:10 Kornee van der Haven (Ghent University) – Vengeance behind the Scenes: Neoclassical Theatre and the Internalisation of Revenge

15:10-15:40 discussion and question round (30’)


15:40-15:50 coffee break (10′)


15:50-16:30 keynote Russ Leo (Princeton University) – Holy Vengeance and the Drama of Martyrdom [ONLINE]

16:30-16:55 discussion


16:55 reception


Friday 17 September 2021

09:10-09:50 keynote Helen Watanabe O’Kelly (University of Oxford) – Picturing Revenge on the Early Modern European Stage

09:50-10:05 discussion

10:05-10:15 coffee break (10’)


Session 1: Revenge tragedy and the history of ideas (chair: Sarah Adams)

10:15-10:35 David Manning (University of Leicester) – Thinking about the Moor’s Revenge [ONLINE]

10:35-10:55 Yağmur Tatar (Yeditepe University) – “Anger’s My Meat; I Sup upon Myself”: Carnivalesque Revenge in Coriolanus [ONLINE]

10:55-11:05 coffee break (10’)

11:05-11:25 Caitlín Rankin-McCabe (Durham University) – Encountering the Spectre

11:25-11:45 Anne-Valérie Dulac (Sorbonne Université) – “An English tailor crazed i’th’brain”: The Fabric of Revenge in Webster’s Duchess of Malfi

11:45-12:15 discussion and question round (30’)


12:15-13:15: lunch


Session 2: Revenge tragedy and religion (chair: Kornee van der Haven)

13:15-13:35 Anne G. Graham (Memorial University of Newfoundland) – The vengeance of God in early modern French tragedies [ONLINE]

13:35-13:55 Sarah Fengler (University of Oxford) – Justifying Revenge. Religion and Politics in Racine’s Athalie

13:55-14:05 coffee break (10’)

14:05-14:25 Dinah Wouters (Huygens Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis) – The Jesuit Monopoly on Revenge in Joseph Plays

14:25-14:45 Tom Laureys (Ghent University) – Theodicy and the Problem of Evil in Dutch Revenge Drama

14:45-15:15 discussion and question round (30’)


15:15 closing remarks